Insomnia and nightmares may increase depression risk

Insomnia and nightmares may increase depression risk
A new study of firefighters suggests that insomnia and nightmares may increase the risk of depression by impairing the ability to access and leverage emotion regulation strategies effectively. Results show that a high percentage of participants …

Smokers with depression try to quit more often but find it harder
People diagnosed with depression are about twice as likely to smoke as the general population. A survey of 6811 participants from Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the USA, published today in the scientific journal Addiction, found that …
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Depression fuels Palehound's distinctive sound
Instead of being really depressed, I decided I wanted to smoke weed, and that opened up the friendship gate for me. So I just found the other kids that I could smoke weed with and made a bunch of really cool friends. And I was really into Pavement then …
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