Attitude Shifting

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A Roadmap for Immediate Stress Relief


Attitude Shifting

*The First Responder’s Course, Guide & Support Group Forum For Assisting In Managing An Emotional Crises, Anxiety, Depression, Frustration and/or Stress

Created by Dr Gibbs Williams PH.D. and Herbert Williams Last updated 04/2018   English

What is included in the course:

*  1.5 hours on-demand video

*  5 Articles

*  5 Supplemental Resources


*  24/7/365  Access for All  Activities

*  Available on mobile and TV

*  Course Certificate of Completion

What You Will Learn…

Understanding  more about how you can assist yourself and/or others who might be in an emotional crises.

ATTITUDE SHIFTING™ provides a step by step method for both lay and professionals, usually First Responders (“Helpers”) to assist the person in crisis to get calmer and move on.

We provide a step by step description of how the “Helper” can best move the person in crisis from first focusing on his/her outside (external, surface) issue (stressor) to then focusing on the person’s inside (internal, deeper) emotional response to the trigger issue.

Our Course and guide provides guidelines for “Helpers” to identify, approach, connect, establish a working alliance of trust and collaboration, naming specific words to use, and upon what and when to focus.

We provide a representative list of basic issues (IE. bullying issues, internet issues, financial issues, marital issues, work related issues etc.) which trigger crisis situations.

We provide specific Attitude Shifters™ (activites), to be utilized as ‘tools’, enabling the person under stress to actively and effectively manage his/her painful feelings thereby restoring a lost sense of balance and accompanying empowerment.

Who is this course designed for?

This course is designed  for police-officers, teachers, doctors, nurses, concerned friends, parents, business associates, relatives,  by-standers concerned about others you think are under emotional distress and would like to help relieve the pain.


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