Stress of social disadvantage increases risk of osteoporosis

Stress of social disadvantage increases risk of osteoporosis
"We have shown that in addition to other factors that have direct impact on bone health such as physical activity and diet, the stress of social disadvantage causes physiological wear and tear on the body. This sets off a chain of biological events …
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Equity CEFs: Financial Stress Playing Havoc With CEF Prices
This will be a short article as I just want to make some points and then some fund recommendations. When banks and brokerages are under financial stress, often due to liquidity drain or limited visibility with their investments (think high yield), CEFs …
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Lord Turner warns on peer-to-peer: this is what the 'stress tests' show
For the first time, peer-to-peer firms have been subject to a “stress test” similar to those imposed on banks which models the impact of a recession on their loan book. Tests carried out by 4thWay show lenders using the biggest P2P firms, who lend over …

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