Stress Raises Cholesterol More Than You Think

Stress Raises Cholesterol More Than You Think
Christopher Edginton was taking medication and trying to improve his diet when his cholesterol shot up anyway four years ago. His doctor suggested a new approach. “He said you've got to get rid of some things you're doing, some of the stresses in your …
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Psychological and Physical Stress May Lead to Preterm Birth
Mothers who have a higher level of perceived stress in their second trimester are more likely to have elevated second-trimester hair cortisol concentration as well as decreased gestational age at delivery. The results thus correlate a physiologic …
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How to Stress Less and Achieve More
Work is not always easy. Whether you're employed or your own boss, you got pressure to deliver. Today, that usually means higher demands, in less time, and with more distractions. You try to keep up, so you do more work. But no matter how much you do, …
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