Winter darkness can lead to seasonal depression

Winter darkness can lead to seasonal depression
Winter depression is a mystery to many who study it. The condition has been linked to a variety of specific causes ranging from Circadian rhythms being out of joint, less than optimal serotonin levels and melatonin levels – even not enough Vitamin D in …
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Is it just the blues or real depression?
And, according to a study done at Harvard, the number of patients diagnosed with depression is increasing by approximately 20 percent per year. Some believe it's due to the age of technology. We are overwhelmed by constant contact and availability and …
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With 36% of India depressed, we must end taboo around mental health
But as we talked about the ailments that are now part of our times, we politely declined to talk about the 'depression epidemic' that has swept through India with devastating effect. According to the World Health Organization, India is one of the most …
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